Eigenpoll : D wish list 

This eigenpoll is an unofficial wish list for the D programming language.

If you feel that a suggestions have problems like: Then report the suggestion for cleanup.
If you don't agree with the details for a suggestion then post a new one and let the votes deside.

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  1. Check that all the options you know of is in the list of options, if not enter the missing option in the form at the bottom
  2. Then choose minimum 2 options you would like to rate in the check list below.
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   Options  Score   Ranked by
-nogc option0.5611
constant member functions0.4972
other archs0.4352
Template inst. syntax: <>0.4053
Remove SFINAE0.3761
Easy threading a la OpenMP0.3554
classes on stack (or ROM)0.3554
suffix identifiers.0.3527
templated constructors0.3425
ext property for basic types0.3385
Manage .resources files0.3342
Auto const member funcs0.3341
Declaration in function calls0.3326
invariant function0.3272
Against class instance sizeof0.31611
named tuple0.3135
Better UTF32 Support0.3096
New Switch Case Design0.3064
Power operator0.3066
In flight exception detection0.30413
function inheritance0.30312
Implicit New0.36
support struct&array in switch0.2979
array in template arguments0.2968
{Cleaner Operator Overloading}0.2945
Voting in bugzilla for D.0.2925
C++ Member Pointers0.2923
function call over network0.2874
Relational class/array algebra0.2819
template literal0.2813
variable template(short syntax0.2813
Property declarator0.2795
constant operater overloading0.2762
tuple literal and append-op0.2765
inline expansion0.27611
void Class.Method() {} syntax0.2737
First-class continuations0.2735
Efficient array opCatAssign0.2636
modules must not rely on files0.25716
conv() and opConv0.25518
Custom Attributes0.2543
Finite sets0.25315
imag and comp FP types.0.25211
Reallocation Keyword0.2515
proper cast operators0.25124
Statically check for == null0.25111
Improve module architecture0.2516
date/time/datetime literal0.2497
copy operator0.24717
User-defined sync function0.24727
No Postfix Array Declarations0.24719
garbage collection switch 0.24616
Quick For Syntax0.2452
in for arrays0.24411
Explicit module `friendship`0.24335
range type0.24220
coherent assoc. array syntax0.24136
Real C bitfields0.2422
Tango to work with D20.2414
if, while, true, false, int0.23924
Parallel Scavenging GC0.23813
Call log0.23815
opCast overloading0.23815
inout variable and return0.23811
static foreach(scope/unscope)0.23714
Get rid of const0.2359
Iterators and Generators0.23422
Non-Static isExpression0.23339
Conditional syncronized0.23335
Inline enum declaration0.23329
auto-member objects0.23135
Explicit type initializers0.22945
throws keyword0.2289
unit test & code separation0.22635
Pascal like sets0.22623
Enum string cast0.2233
black box unit testing0.22237
Precise names for floats0.22220
Full lexical closures0.22117
Pass value params byref0.21935
Multi-Dimensional Allocation0.21815
Renaming ctor/dtor0.21827
Multistep return0.2172
struct constructor0.21644
Meta Information0.21613
interface to C++0.21529
better syntax for cast0.21547
Consistent struct/class sizeof0.21446
L-Value return0.21443
Explicit out/inout0.21459
Explicit out/inout/lazy0.2145
in for arrays0.21110
Foreach on first/on last0.21159
Named keyword arguments0.21142
Array pushback/popback0.21151
D library contest0.2119
temp alias param specialize0.2092
Built-in variant type0.20922
Return-type overloading0.20771
Unit test measurements0.20730
associative arrays by index0.20536
Custom Syntax0.2042
remove initializers0.2031
Explicit property keyword0.20130
Array masking0.19747
Unit test isolation 0.19355
Debug check for null reference0.19299
Small Exectables0.19129
Posix threads support native0.1952
Short syntax for new0.1982
extra compiler values0.18876
unit test after compilation0.18778
Multiple opCast per class0.187107
consistant new0.1831
Variadic arguments re-passing0.17850
Multiple return values (tuples0.174118
Native AMD64 codegen0.17495
Keyword Pow Operator0.1592
Reflection API0.157208
Property shortcut0.1543
Template inst. syntax: <>0.1531
Template inst. syntax: <>0.1521
Stack tracing0.151217
temporary variable0.1281
solve interdepend static this0.0922
link exchange request0.0040
link exchange request0.0040
switch case accept range and 0.0040
conditional inline assembler0.0040
conditional inline assembler0.0040
Dynamic Conditional0.0041
Better Array Function Template0.0041
similar templt/function syntax0.0041
switch case accept range and 0.0041
other systems0.0041
Overlapping array copy0.0042
Invariant => invar0.0042
Output C Code0.0042
Remove const0.0043
Remove const0.0043

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