Eigenpoll : D wish list : Explicit property keyword 

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Sometimes it is not so convenient to expose every function as a property (i.e. it was designed to call a function explicitly).

I propose to introduce the 'property' keyword to explicitly declare a property. I suggest several ways to declare properties.

as follows:

class Foo
property uint MyProperty() {return MyUint;}//read

//full (scoped declarations is easy to read)
uint MyProperty2(){return MyUInt;}//read
uint MyProperty2(uint value){MyUInt = value; return MyUInt;} //write

char[] AnotherProperty...

//another way (single declaration)
property(uint MyProperty3)
get{return MyUint;}
set{MyUint = value; return MyUInt;} //it needs to introduce 3 new keywords: get, set, value (C# way)


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