An Eigenpoll is a new type of poll design to gather knowledge from a community.

The problem with normal polls is that it find the most popular option. But if you are looking for a solution to a problem you don't want the most popular, what you want is the best solution to the problem.

The cause is that when not everybody have an equal amount of knowledge about a problem, then the one man one vote principle don't work.
Eigenpolls try to solve this by letting the voters compare and rank the options, and then use a algorithm similar to Googles PageRank on the result.

Knud Sørensen.


Cognivtive improvement.
Compare courses.
Best Practices for Physical wellbeing.
Best Practices for Social wellbeing.
Best Practices for Financial wellbeing.
Best Practices for Intellectual wellbeing.
Best Practices for Spiritual wellbeing.
Books on electromagnetism
Unofficial D wish list
Financial IQ Books
Financial IQ Games
Alternative Science Books
Real Estate Investment books
Books on Accelerated Learning Techniques
Spam Fighting Software
Best Practices for Software Development
Agile Software Development Books
Favorit websites
Books for Automatic Trading Systems


Eigenpolls is open source software you can download it here eigenpoll-0.4.tar.gz.
It requires PHP4 and Postgresql.


Every new version is announced at Freshmeat.net.