Eigenpoll : Best Practices for Software Development 

This eigenpoll is for comparing best practices for software development.
Feel free to add missing options.

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  1. Check that all the options you know of is in the list of options, if not enter the missing option in the form at the bottom
  2. Then choose minimum 2 options you would like to rate in the check list below.
  3. Use the arrows to rank the selected options.
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Remember: To get the best possible result only compare options you have been using.
   Options  Score   Ranked by
The Planing Game0.4265
Execellent engineers0.41442
Written Requirements and Specs0.40229
Use Cases0.39669
Test Driven Development0.392128
Simple Design0.388113
Onsite Customer0.38746
Scrum Project Backlog0.38427
Version Control0.38320
Continuous Integration0.38388
100% Test Coverage0.36352
Design scripting early0.3579
Eating Your Own Dog Food0.35649
Continuous Performance0.35512
Collectiv Code Ownership0.35544
HOTS teams0.3541
Code Review0.3539
TDD & CI with Aegis0.35212
Codeing Standards0.35283
Scrum Project Management Patte0.359
Current Worst Problem0.34339
Big Visible Chart0.34138
Bottom up0.33413
Frequent Bug Review Meetings0.33319
User Stories0.33315
Pair Programming0.32666
Build Report0.32416
CRC Cards0.2918
More Beta Testing0.28813
Code Freeze0.27825
Scrum of Scrums0.2441
Planning Project Time0.0040

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