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With the recent rise in online courses learning have never been more accessible, but which courses is good and which are waste of time ? On this page you can compare the courses you have taken such that you make it easier for others to find good courses.

Step 1: Select the courses you have completed.

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VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout0.5012
Programming Languages0.4552
Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach0.4292
Probabilistic Graphical Models0.4288
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 20.4172
Semantic Web Technologies0.4075
Natural Language Processing0.4059
Control of Mobile Robots0.3994
Introduction to AI.0.3915
Calculus: Single Variable0.3853
Model Thinking0.38412
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 10.3732
Introduction to Databases0.3662
Functional Programming Principles in Scala0.3561
Machine Learning0.34914
Artificial Intelligence Planning0.34613
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics0.335
Software Debugging0.3282
Neural Networks for Machine Learning0.3274
Circuits and Electronics0.3224
Web Intelligence and Big Data0.3093
Introduction to Finance0.2911
Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial0.2846
Financial Engineering and Risk Management0.28210
E-learning and Digital Cultures0.285
Computational Neuroscience0.2777
Know Thyself0.2741
Game Theory0.2697
3.091x Introduction to Solid State Chemistry0.2662
Learn Prolog Now!0.2651
How to Build a Startup0.2581
Principles of Economics for Scientists0.2556
Introduction to Computational Finance and0.25111
Computing for Data Analysis0.256
Cryptography I0.2414
Data Analysis0.2365
Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python0.2331
Synapses, Neurons and Brains0.2182
Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood0.2161
Introduction to Computer Networks0.2062
Introduction to Genetics and Evolution0.2044
Calculus One0.1991
Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our0.1975
Introduction to Sustainability0.1911
Think again: How to reason and argue0.1723
Introduction to Philosophy0.1641
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking0.152
Grow to Greatness, Part I: Smart Growth for0.1451
Computational Investing, Part I0.14314
Grow to Greatness, Part II: Smart Growth for0.1392
Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies0.1312
Experimental Genome Science0.1191
The Modern World: Global History since 17600.0040
A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior0.0040
Energy 1010.0040
English Composition I: Achieving Expertise0.0040
Critical Thinking in Global Challenges0.0040
The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound,0.0040
Introduction to Logic0.0040
Cryptography II0.0040
Principles of Microeconomics0.0040
Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease0.0040
Social Psychology0.0040
Aboriginal Worldviews and Education0.0040
Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and0.0040
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering0.0040
Introduction to Digital Sound Design0.0040
Microeconomics for Managers0.0040
Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning0.0040
Creativity, Innovation, and Change0.0040
Inspiring Leadership through Emotional0.0040
The Modern and the Postmodern0.0040
Introduction to Systematic Program Design0.0040
The Elements of Computing Systems (From NAND to0.0040
Experimentation for Improvement0.0040
Technology Entrepreneurship0.0041
Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations0.0041
Linux From Scratch0.0041
Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, & Batteries0.0041
Heterogeneous Parallel Programming0.0042

Step 2: Rank the courses you have selected.

Click on the course and use the arrows to move it. Click update when you are satisfied with your ranking.
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  1. Check that all the options you know of in the list of options, enter missing option in the form at the bottom
  2. Then choose minimum 2 options you would like to rate in the check list.
  3. Use the arrows to rank the selected options.
  4. Press "Update" to save your rankings and recalculated the scores.

Remember: To get the best possible result only compare options you have been using.

Step 3: Submit missing courses.

Remember to update your ranking before submitting missing courses or else you will have to do it again.
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