Eigenpoll : ALT books 

This eigenpoll is for comparing books on accelerated learning techniques (ALT). Feel free to add missing books.

Your ranking!Introduction


  1. Check that all the options you know of is in the list of options, if not enter the missing option in the form at the bottom
  2. Then choose minimum 2 options you would like to rate in the check list below.
  3. Use the arrows to rank the selected options.
  4. Press "Update" to save your rankings and recalculated the scores.

Remember: To get the best possible result only compare options you have been using.
   Options  Score   Ranked by
Your Memory0.49513
What to Say0.4856
The Memory Bible0.486
Saving Your Brain0.4654
Natural Brilliance0.46412
The Einstein Factor0.45916
visual thinking0.4574
Building Mental Muscle0.3986
Exercises for the Whole Brain0.3895
The Memory Workbook0.3397
Accelerated Learning Handbook0.3395
Power Reading0.336
Keep Your Brain Alive:0.2973
Intelligent Memory0.2514
Cat in the Hat0.2453
Flowers for Algernon0.1883
That inhigst would h0.0040
We your family miss 0.0040
AL for the 21st Century0.0041
The AL FieldBook0.0041
Letter to Robin0.0041

If you have an option which is not on the list, then you can enter it here.



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