Eigenpoll : ATS books 

This eigenpoll is about which books you have found most usefull in designing and implementing an ats (automatic trading system).

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  1. Check that all the options you know of is in the list of options, if not enter the missing option in the form at the bottom
  2. Then choose minimum 2 options you would like to rate in the check list below.
  3. Use the arrows to rank the selected options.
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Remember: To get the best possible result only compare options you have been using.
   Options  Score   Ranked by
Cybernetic Trading Strategies0.51710
Come Into My Trading Room0.5111
Trading Systems That work0.48221
Rocket Science for Traders0.47410
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom0.4424
Trading Systems and Methods0.42819
Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading0.40612
The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies0.40515
The Disciplined Trader0.3965
Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques0.38412
Trading for a living.0.37624
Big Trends in Trading0.3644
Smarter Trading0.3649
Option Volatility & Pricing0.2338
The Irwin Guide To Trading Systems0.2274

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