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This eigenpoll is for comparing books on alternative science. Feel free to add missing books.

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   Options  Score   Ranked by
Our Solarian Legacy0.6043
Solarian Legacy0.5855
Newtonian Electrodynamics0.492
Anti-Gravity and The Unified 0.4379
How to build a lie detector0.4324
Godel, Escher, Bach0.4317
Amazing and Wonderful Mind M..0.3847
La Revolte des Magiciens0.3712
Let There Be Light0.3461
Excalibur Briefing0.332
Anti-Gravity & the World Grid0.3193
Parallel Universes0.2782
Stalking the Wild Pedulum0.2783
Universal Laws: Keely’ Secrets0.2691
Secrets of the Soil0.241
Astral Dynamics0.0041
Tapping the Zero Point Energy0.0041
the final secret of free enery0.0040
Aids- biological warfare0.0040
The Cure for All Diseases0.0040
The Awesome Life Force0.0040
Letter to Robin0.0040
Gods, Genes, and Consciousness0.0040
Dismantling the Pyramid0.0040
Experimenter's Guide0.0040
The Joe Phenomenon0.0040
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing0.0040
Keely and His Discoveries0.0040
Rare Earth Forbidden Cures0.0040
Let's Play Doctor0.0040
Dead Doctors Don't Lie0.0040
Let's Play Herbal Doctor!0.0040
Human Atmosphere0.0040
Biological Transmutations0.0040
Free Energy Pioneer:John Keely0.0040
Pyramid Power0.0040
The Hidden Messages in Water0.0040
Science and the Akashic Field0.0040
Yoga of Time Travel0.0040
The Golden Vortex0.0040
Flood Your Body With Oxygen 0.0040
The World is Sound Nada Brahma0.0040
the Catalyst of Power0.0040
Secret of the Creative Vacuum0.0040
Shape Power0.0040
rays of truth crystals oflight0.0040
Lost Science0.0040
Quest for Zero Point Energy0.0040
The sea of energy0.0040
Occult Ether Physics0.0040
The Healer's Handbook0.0040
the joe phenomenon0.0040
joe phenomenon0.0040
leading stratosphere0.0040
gross joint0.0040
research late0.0040
change retrieved kyoto0.0040
hypothesis weather0.0040
oceans security made forcing0.0040
tropical web decline0.0040
system confirmation clathrate0.0040
running indicates0.0040
lapse away 20010.0040
work rate globally company0.0040
depend induce list0.0040
clouds influence0.0040
causes controls0.0040
Your's is a point of0.0040
Whoa, things just go0.0040
Energy from the Vacuum0.0041
Fer-de-Lance (2. edition)0.0041
Secret of Life0.0041
Cosmic Pulse of Life0.0041
The Physics of Love0.0041
Earth Energies0.0041
Towards a New Alchemy0.0041
The Secret Life of Plants0.0041
Tachyon Energy0.0041
The Final Theory0.0041
The Meme Machine0.0041
The Orgone Accumulator Handb.0.0042
Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake ...0.0042

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