Eigenpoll : D wish list : Call log 

It would be nice I one could write out a call log of all the calls a
program run trough.
I could be formatted like:
depth time memory call
and look something like:

0 382 4256 main (argc=3, argv=0xbfbff7d8) at stub_add.d:12
1 1465 5322 add_user (name=0xbfbff8d9 "aro",domain=0xbfbff8dd "rios.org",dir=0x0) at add.d:26
2 1634 6998 getdir () at getdir.d:25
3 1703 7344 create (dir=0x804d035 "/00") at getdir.d:70

Depth if 0 for main, 1 for all functions called from main,
2 for all functions called from a depth 1 function etc.

Time and memory is just the time and the memory before the call.

Call is the function name and the arguments for the call.

I think that such a log could help a lot in development and
could replace a lot of print statement debugging and stack tracing.

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