Eigenpoll : D wish list : D library contest 

I think that a code contest would be a good way to promote D
and if it is made right it may also give the D community
some good code libraries .

Here is some ideas on how such a contest could be.

1) We make a open money pool where everybody can donate.
2) To participate you have to write a D library of your own choice.
3) The first deadline is 4 month from the start.
At this deadline the libraries is released to the D community
under a open source license so that the write can get feedback from the

4) The last deadline is after 6 month from the start
and here the final version is send to the contest committee.

5) After the committee have found the winners the money pool
is divided with
1/2 of the money to 1. place,
1/4 to 2. place
1/8 to 3. place
1/16 to 4. place

6) Then the best libraries is add to the standard lib and D 1.0 is released :-)
7) The the contest is repeated for D 2.0.

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