Eigenpoll : D wish list : No Postfix Array Declarations 

Language specification should not contain Postfix Array Declarations --- they makes language hard to read and understand. There are should be only Prefix Array Declarations.

For example:

// dynamic array of ints
int[] a;
int a[]; //compile error

// array of 3 arrays of 4 ints each
int[4][3] b;
int[4] b[3]; //compile error
int b[3][4]; //compile error

// array of 5 dynamic arrays of ints.
int[][5] c;
int[] c[5]; //compile error
int c[5][]; //compile error

// array of 3 pointers to dynamic arrays of pointers to ints
int*[]*[3] d;
int*[]* d[3]; //compile error
int* (*d[3])[]; //compile error

// pointer to dynamic array of ints
int[]* e;
int (*e[]); //compile error

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