Eigenpoll : REI books : A Fool's Guide to Landlording 

Tony and Sandra Midea

ISBN 1-4184-1728-9

Only Fools Rush In

Authors Offer Advice to Prospective Landlords through Hilarious, Horrific Experiences

CLEVELAND – To those who believe renting out houses is as easy as changing a light bulb, Tony and Sandra Midea present an enlightening perspective based on personal experience in their new book, A Fool’s Guide to Landlording
In their guide, the Mideas provide a wealth of information about the important aspects of the rental property game. The chapters delve into what any prospective landlord should know, from buying the house to fixing it up and finding the ideal tenant. The Mideas even navigate the unsavory topic of eviction. Using personal examples with tenants, they outline the necessary research and required labor that results in successful renter-owner relationships and some of the slip-ups that can put a landlord in a nightmare. Although each chapter is peppered with a healthy dose of wit, the book is loaded with essential wisdom that empowers those seeking to roll the dice in this game of trust in human nature.
In fact, an entire chapter of the book is devoted to the Mideas' experiences with irresponsible tenants. Simply titled, “Horror Stories,” this section of the book takes a look at renters whom the Mideas have dubbed “The Liars,” “The Losers,” and “The Druggies,” to name a few.
An informative read for potential buyers in the rental real estate market, A Fool’s Guide to Landlording also offers a compelling and hilarious glimpse into the lives of the caring landlord who is all too often mistaken for the town villain.

I loved the Horror Stories and laughed all the way through.

They are hundreds of useful tips to avoid the mistakes made by the authors.