Eigenpoll : Financial IQ Games : Basari 

Basari is a light game of negotiation, bluffing, and bidding. It is a good intro to financial games.

The negotiations is done in such a strict and narrow parameters that you can actually negotiate without words. The negations rules were streamed lined to be simple and fast at the cost of ability to offer creative deals and encourage talking.

The price of jewels also determined not by a dynamic supply and demand mechanism but by the games rules to speed up the negotiation process as well. Hence every player may have plenty, 7 red gems, and have shortage, 1 or 0 yellow gems, the red gems are worth more because the games rules says so.

Because the key strategy is not based on negotiation skills rather, predicting what others are going to do, you dont get to negotiate every turn.

The flexibility negotiation is better than Bohnanza but you dont get to negotiate every turn.